Resident Evil 2 Apocalypse DVD

Can’t be copied. Unreadable…

Anyone else having this problem? Work around?


I have the same problem. I’ve tried all available software like AnyDVD, DVDRegion+CSS free, DVDShrink, NERO, and many more… nothing can break it. Tried 3 differend dvd readers…
Anyone can help???


have you used the latest version of any dvd ( with the option
“copy protection based on unreadable sectors” enabled?

If yes try to rip with AnyDVD in combination with Vobblanker

Is this the Region 1 (US) version?

It’s a Region 1 version and it cannot be ripped on hard disc.
Shrink stuck on 58% and DVDdecryptor in the begining.
I have all the latest versions of AnyDVD, DVDregion+CSS free, dvdshrink, dvddecrypter.
Nothing works


and what about vobblanker?

I have received several complaints about “Resident Evil - Apocalypse” R1. Some customers have sent .ifo files to Elaborate Bytes AG.
It looks like a copy protection (this causes DVD Decrypter to hang), probably in combination with a mastering error. The mastering error causes CloneDVD to throw a “DVDManager 5 4” error message, so your problem is probably not related to AnyDVD, but I don’t know for sure.
I have ordered the disc at to take a look myself. It will take a while until I get it, sorry.

I’ve managed to rip Resident Evil: Apocalypse Region 1 US with the software Super DVD Copy v.2. Now i have to compress it with DVDshrink. It took me some time but now is perfect. Many thanks to kindanew2it for the software sugestion

where did you find the software i only see verssion 1.xx
thanks jimmy

Not sure if a link to another forum is permitted here (so I won’t post it) but if you search the DVD Decrypter forum you’ll find that this DVD is copyable using DVD Decrypter with the addition of a “PSL” file (also available there).


according to gexx there should be no problem copying this disc with clonedvd/anydvd

Able to rip “Resident Evil Apocalypse” by using super dvd copy v2.0 … Thanks a lots from this forum.

I was able to rip Resident Evil Apocalypse with vobblanker with no problem! Then burned it to dvd using CloneDVD! For anyone who has never used vobblanker before this was also my first time and I can tell you its very easy to use! :iagree:

vobblanker worked for me too. I’m watching my back-up now…no problems


pardon a dumb question…but after you rip the files from the movie to an empty folder (which happens to be on my desktop) with Vob…would Nero burn it to disc?

You can use Nero Recode!

thanks gate but, I’ll tell ya what I ended up doing…I had vobb rip the files to an empty folder on my desktop, then I opened dvdshrink, opened the folder and analyzed from that, and went on from there…perfect copy using dvdshrink backup. viola!

Yep that works too as does CloneDVD! :slight_smile:

I do have Nero, no clonedvd tho…I just dl VobBlanker when I encountered this very problem and found this forum by googling some keywords…glad I found this place, Im basically an idiot when it comes to this stuff…but dammit if 13 yr old kids can do this, Im not gonna let a little copyright protection stop me lol
thanks for ur advice