Resetting the evaluation time for Clone Cd

Sorry I’ve removed the post!!

Thanks for the comments guys


bang i wager this will get you banned/warned or something. lord knows you deserve it. please keep piracy information to yourself.

I’m no genius

Very Very True, and not real smart either

Did you think at all before you posted that???


I don’t mean to be rude but you do realise of course that the author of CloneCD frequents this site regurlalry and that ALL (as far as I am aware) the moderators, admins, people who run this site and forum support his efforts. And here you go showing how to STEAL this software.

Hmmm stupid?

You tell me.

All the posts get logged, whether they’re changed by the author or a Mod/Admin or not. Domi or MP|3 will be reading it soon, no doubt (as can Tax). Domin8tor reads all posts, in all forums (biiiig job)

Thanks for removing the info anyway. You can always email to let them know about your discovery, they’d be very keen to fix it, if they don’t already know about it.

What do most people use Clone Cd for? To duplicate or backup their data? If so, only certain countries allow you to do this and there are laws governing this process. If on the other hand you do not own the original data source (music, game etc) why would you want to know what copy protection is included? Why would people devise copy protection programs to find this out?

Anyway that’s too many questions as it is, I’ve removed the offending post. If anyone has seen it and acts upon it thats down to the individual. Sharing information is not a crime.


@the sharing information part

a hacker actually got arrested for sharing info about cracking adobe’s ebooks at a convention in las vegas. sharing info wasnt always a crime, but leave it to some governments to change that, too :wink:

i always seem to miss these controversial posts, how annoying :confused:

Actually there is a way to reset the evaluation time! BUY IT! very simple and no more evaluation time and free updates!

Or go to www…com and search with “CloneCD AND serial”. Faster and cheaper! :bigsmile:

(just kidding :))