Resetting the display properties on a DVDR615/37

Being “adventurous,” I was mucking around with the controls on a Philips DVDR615/37 and I got to the setup menu’s selections for “Video Output” when I saw “Progressive” and clicked on it. Not good.

Immediately, the monitor’s picture became unreadable and I didn’t have the presence of mind to hit the < or the ^ button.

I tried everything I could think of, including taking the unit apart and looking for a button battery that might be powering some memory function or other. I’ve unplugged it for hours and when I turn it back on, the front panel says, helpfully, “progressive scan.” Grrrr.

How can I reset the whole machine so that I don’t have to go out and find a progressive scan TV to re-display the menu? I see about five little solder points exposed on the bottom on the unit, which makes me think they are access points for just such a reset function, but even I’m not stupid enough to “try shorting, just to see what happens.”

All right, crew. What’s your advice?

By the way, I’ve had my share of pull-the-plug-to-get-the-DVD-out problems with this unit, but I’ve mostly used it for its ability to record eight hours of sound (off the radio) when the local college station plays its orgies of, say, Beethoven or blues masters.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to respond, heckle, or email.

Joe Elia

hello, now i am having the exact same problem, is there a remedy for this problem?

In most cases when this happens, you’re just going to have to find a Progressive Scan-capable TV to switch the settings back. Time to take your DVD player to a TV store. :wink:

You probably need to reset to the factory default settings. From page 65 of the 615/37 manual:

[li]Disconnect the DVD recorder from the power outlet.[/li][li] Press and hold down STANDBY-ON button on the front of the recorder while reconnecting to the power outlet.[/li][li] Release STANDBY-ON button when “IS THE TV ON?” appears on the display. All the information stored in the memory (programs, time) will be cleared. Complete the first installation again and reset any items you have adjusted during your use of the recorder.[/li][/ol]