Reseting the Windows Media filter library to Delfute

by Media filter library i mean the standard filter thats there and lets you se .avi files and so on (the one that comes with windows)

i installed some nasty code into it and now its ruined T.T and i need to reset it

Reinstall not a option.
system restore forget it.

its not a 3rd party software causing the problem its code injected into the windows filter

(it belonged to a onld game or sumting and i installed it and it fucked up :confused:
probably cos its so old :confused: so its not a virus/spy ware just a error T.T)

If you didnโ€™t back up your data/registry then you have a real problem sorry.

so theres like no tool to reset it to its original standard t.t

what a shame well i hope all hope is not lost :confused:

Wait for as long as you can for someone else to post but thatโ€™s a toughy.

and then