Reset win98 logon password

My 2nd computer has windows 98 installed and i have not used it for a while and i have forgotten the logon password.

Am i stuffed ??? I could just reformat i suppose but i have a lot of files i wish to save from this computer!!!

Is there any way to delete my old password from win98 or find out my password or even reset it???

any help or even links to help would be appreciated!!!

thanxs in advance

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Frankly there is no security on Win98. To get into the machine just type in a new username and password.

you could also just press β€œesc” when it asks for your password or press the cancel button either way it will just boot into windows like there never has been a password

The others are correct. There really is no security in Win9x products. If you want to keep the login names in use for some reason just go kill the *.pwl files on the machine and then re-create the names you want to use.