Reset Panasonic KX-MB781 printer?

I need to know if there’s a way to reset this printer. I removed a jammed paper, but now it keeps saying the rear cover is open. From what I’ve read in the manual, this is “A recording paper jam occurred near the manual input tray”. I already removed the paper, but it seems like the record is still there, so I need to erase the printer’s memory somehow. If anyone has this printer or a similar model, please help, thanks.

Normally pulling the power dose the trick. Is it stuck on a job or is it just the printer reading out the jam and not the software on the computer?

I would try reopening and checking for any thing loose and closing every thing firmly a latch might not be closing. Also check to see if there is any broken parts. Just a small little plastic piece could be snapped off that push against a button to tell it the door is closed (like a car door when you close it you push down on the button)

I can hear the latch click when I close the rear cover, so that should be fine. I removed the toner cartrige and drum to check, but there’s nothing jammed or appears to be broken in there. I still think this is a software issue, somehow the printer’s programming is stuck at the point where the paper jammed, I need to reset it somehow. I will email Panasonic, hopefully they might have some suggestions.