Reset occured NeroError -1114

Hallo everyone.
While burning DVD’s with Nero (Nero 8 & now Nero 9) I always get the “Reset occured” message and the operation breaks.
This behavior is happening only under Windows 7. In my Ubuntu everything goes as it should.

Please help me. This problem is frustrating me. I’m sending the log file as an attachment.

Try burning something with a different burning program and see if it is a problem within Nero.

ImgBurn is free to use and well respected in these forums.

Set burning speed to a moderate speed, say 8 or 12x when using 16x media.

If it fails, post the failed log here in your thread. You can find the ImgBurn log by clicking Help–>ImgBurn Logs.

No surprise, you have used crap media!

Disc Manufacturer ID: <PRINCO> <8X02>

Yes, but “crap media” works like a charm under Linux. :smiley:

Where is the proof for that?