Reset Book-Type Settings to Default?

i changed a number of book-type settings while experimenting with ImgBurn, and want to reset everything back to their default settings.

i tried uninstalling ImgBurn, deleting the user preferences, running several registry clean-up scans, and reinstalling ImgBurn. no change in settings, which makes me think ImgBurn made the changes to the drive…

how can i reset everything back to default?

Lite-On LH-20A1H (LL0C)

Simplest answer I could give would be to change the booktype back with ImgBurn. Select your drive, and change the booktypes. ImgBurn will let you choose “Normal” for all the options, which will just make the booktypes the same as the physical disc types.

Tools>>Drive>>Change Book Type>>LiteOn>> (select each setting from the drop down box individually & change to normal)

For future reference: The settings that read “Drive (For…Media - EEPROM!)” are the settings that stick with the drive. This is why when you uninstalled ImgBurn, they all stayed the same (and why there is an exclamation point after EEPROM, hehe). & Likewise, all the settings that read “Drive (For…Media)” without EEPROM after them in the list are for ImgBurn’s use only; they don’t typically effect. The “For Next Burn” and “For Current Media (DVD+RW only” are self explanatory, and you may or may not be able to change those two. The other 6 settings are all that you are worried about :flower: