Reset BIOS Password?

Hi again everyone,

Just got a computer from someone, but it has a password on the BIOS which I don’t know. Is it possible to get rid of it? It means that I can’t even access Windows/Format and install XP as all other boot methods are disabled (except HDD).

Is it even possible to get rid of this password?


Flash the bios with the same version?

That’s all I can think of.

There might be a little jumper that will default it. depends on moma board. Mine has it. Also try taking the battery out for an hour. I should loose it’s mind by then. System unplugged from wall the whole time. Password might not allow a flash, never tried it. Go to manufacture site, read motherboard user manual.

Thanks guys, I’ll try these tomorrow!

Computers are fun :eek:

And never make mistakes either… :Z

Maybe this can come handy. :slight_smile:


Go to manufacture site, read motherboard user manual.

Resetting the CMOS battery should be the easiest way.
Don’t forget to completely power off/unplug power cables.

ya this is right thing to do …

“completely power off/unplug power cables”

.just take out the battary/cell of bios
…start ur pc u will c an error of bios(like weak cmos battary ) …then again
unplug all power cables …put the battary again in the exact position as it was …then start ur pc go inthe bios set the date/time and do all the setting which u need …save setting and restart :slight_smile:

Thanks, worked a treat, the PC is all up and running now (after some adventures).

Well, just the one mistake really, I jumpered the HD for 2GB MODE, was quite shocked after installing Windows XP to see that there was only 1.5 GB left!

Anyway, thanks for your help everyone