Reservation Road

Anyone having problems burning Reservation Road? I tried with DvdFab and had no luck.

At the moment DVDFAB is the only software that does work on Reservation Road.
On the 1click forum posters are recommending DVDFAB because 1click will not work.

Even 2 of the moderator on the forum stated that DVDFAB would work and 1click will not.

There is an issue with the cleanup with DVDFab Plat. I have already emailed fengtao the IFO’s.

FAB PLAT 4120 will copy this movie with no problems, I don’t see where there was a clean up issue as Fab Plat went through this movie like a hot knife on butter

I also had no problem coping that movie… Complete disc with no problem at all…

How many files do you have in the VIDEO_TS folder?

Hi Dialysis1,

Sometimes you can’t simply remove fake ending vts, since it may break VM navigation. DVDFab will check if it’s safe to remove fake ending vts, and will only do it safely.

So for “Reservation Road”, you may see lots of fake and empty vts, and I think to be safe we need keep them.

Any way, I have ordered this disc, and will check it in detail when I get it.

Best Regards,

Sounds good to me.:iagree:
I removed the fakes using PgcEdit. Went over and over the navigation. All is good.