Resent key not working in v5

I had my registration key from Platinum v4 emailed to me in order to activate my upgrade to v5, but for some reason, when I enter the reg key, v5 says all is good and restarts, but when it restarts, it still has me restricted to using the eval version. What do I need to do to activate v5 to Platinum w/my emailed reg key?

Did you download the program from ?

Hi tmwfla and welcome to cdfreaks,

It’s not clear to me, but it sounds like you’re trying to activate Fab 5 with your Fab 4 key.
Please click on this link and follow the instructions to retrieve the appropriate key:

Be certain you choose [B]DVDFab 5.x[/B] in the dropdown.

WOW! First experience with this board and am impressed with the speed of replies. Thanks both of you for such quick replies.
Yes, I DL the prog from DVDFab’s site. I requested the key again, this time choosing v5 and it worked. Needless to say, I don’t feel extremely intelligent right now, considering the easy fix to my problem, but hey, I thought it was asking me which version I purchased and was currently running. Oh well.
Again, thanks a lot for the quick replies! You guys/gals are great.

We’re glad to hear you’re up and running again.
Don’t feel foolish…we all do this stuff.