Researchers use optical discs to purify water

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Researchers have created a water purifier based on optical discs by using the surface of the discs for growing a substrate of zinc oxide nanorods as small as a thousandth the width of a human hair.

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Are YUDEN000 T02 discs also the best for this purpose, or do you need TYG03 Watershields? :stuck_out_tongue:

“Growing substrate” - I think I hear a Brasilian fungus rumble…

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2701650]“Growing substrate” - I think I hear a Brasilian fungus rumble…[/QUOTE]

This is just another case of proof of concept without a practical mainstream application. I’m much more interested in the next gen of optical disc standard than this.

In one of WC Field’s “I’m a crazed inventor” movies, he’s drunkenly wobbling up to his front door and pulls out a cone-shaped device that lets him more easily insert the door-key. Being totally plastered, he’d never accomplish it without this ‘guide cone’.

So, I’m thinking about purifying my water while watching DVDs. I suppose it’s not quite the “olive in a martini” notion, but still this fungal substrate makes me think that W. C. Fields is alive and well in some of these labs.

Then, as TMC notes, I was thinking this might be similar to the drunk who’s crawling around, under the street lamp, because he’s dropped his car keys.

His pal asks, “But your car is over there - across the street. Why are you looking here?”

“The light’s better…”

[I]There is probably no truth to the rumor that recent Brasilian disk fungi are hailed as major new life-form discoveries, that perhaps Martians were responsible. The tentative name of the new species, Fungi Pepstius Ridiculum, is just a rumor at this point.

I should probably stop spreading it. [/I]