Researchers report breakthrough on MRAM development



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Researchers from a New Zealand University are working on magnetic semiconductor material whose electrical conductivity can be controlled very precisely. The invention should lead to faster, more reliable computer memory.

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Many of these R&D ideas turn out to be waste bin ideas. This looks promising but there are FEW to NO details on the speeds & capacities being developed and if they would be market sustaining. There are SSD companies which have plunked down billions on current miniaturization based on current designs. I don’t think they would give up and convert to this technology if it wasn’t compelling enough on the competitive front. BTW, computer ram has a much lower latency than other memories and higher bandwidth. That’s why you don’t see 128+gb computer memory modules. The process is very expensive to get that low latency & bandwidth throughput. So, some test products would need to be analized by independent labs.