Researchers: more laptops will have SSDs instead of traditional HDDs by 2018

We’ve just posted the following news: Researchers: more laptops will have SSDs instead of traditional HDDs by 2018[newsimage][/newsimage]

By 2018 there will be more laptops sold with SSDs than with HDDs, according to a report from research firm DRAMeXchange. The researchers foresee a large increase of demand for laptops with SSDs and expects that trend to continue.

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They assume people would want Win10 debacle first and also that assume the SSD prices will come down to affordable prices for 500gb SSD drives first. Until the 500gb SSD comes down in price HDD will still play a part. Not everyone can afford to go and get a new laptop and assume their working software in previous O/S will work in the newer O/S. So there other factors to consider but $$ coming down faster would help get the move to SSD faster for older laptop and newer laptop and Desktop as well. Until the $$$ is taken down a notch to HDD prices high capacity SSD will be out of reach for most users wanting to switch to SSD. I for one would go SSD but the prices are what is keeping me on HDD. Researchers only know in their controlled world numbers not all the environmental factors that haven’t been taken into account not everyone can rush out and get a new system and expect software to work that will determine if one can get a new system with a SSD.

In my experience, probably more than 90% of laptops I look at are no more than 150GB full so a 240GB SSD would suit many people perfectly. 1TB+ hard drives are a waste a lot of the time and speed over capacity is more logical for a similar price.

Once they try an SSD, most users wonder why they have hundreds of Gigabytes of unused space when they could have had a faster all round computer instead.

I guess I’m not surprised, seeing as how hard laptops are trying to act like tablets. Personally, I don’t care about detachable keyboards or touchscreens. I also wouldn’t want a solid state drive that only has ~64GB. After all, about half of that space will be filled by Windows and various pre-installed crapware apps (not to mention the amount of swap spaced used by those apps and the OS itself).

Personally, I need plenty of space, since I watch a lot of movies on the go. (at present, I can’t afford a car. Therefore, I must rely on public buses, which frequently start and stop to let passengers on/off.) If I can’t fit those movies on my device, then the device isn’t worth much to me. I’ll take a cheap ~250GB hard drive with lighter programs any day.

Of course, there’s a good chance that SSDs will get to be much cheaper in the future. It’s also likely that SSDs will come in larger capacities, too. When that happens, I may well get myself a new SSD. For now though, I will stick with what I’ve got.

Alot depends on price. The cost of laptops with even a 128gb ssd are about $400 and that’s not acceptable. SSD makers are often greedy and choose NOT to cannibalize the HDD industry. Until that CHANGES, this prediction is off base-- we’ve been lured into thinking this changeover was “JUST AROUND THE CORNER” way too many times. Just because TLC ssd has come down from the 10x the cost of hdd per byte to 5x per byte of a hdd doesn’t mean that it will come down to a ratio of 1:1 or even 2:1… Â New entrants into ssd such as seagate have not gotten prices down…
Consumers need to not buy ssd’s and force mfg’s to cut prices again-- that’s the only thing these companies understand a long term slowdown in demand must break these logjams… as price fixing is a mainstay of the chip industry even among the sluggish demand for PCs. Intel most recently slowed down their processor innovation by focusing on the graphics optimization and lower power consumption instead.

My prediction is ssd’s will probably be mainstream(ish) when 4k laptops are a mainstreamed feature. As of now they are a PREMIUM feature in $500+ laptops… when they break the $500 mark, then SSD’s will be a feature in those starting at around $300 - $350, but I suspect that takes us well beyond 2018… but we’ll see…