Researchers develop method to stop 100% of ransomware before it encrypts all files

We’ve just posted the following news: Researchers develop method to stop 100% of ransomware before it encrypts all files[newsimage][/newsimage]

Researchers of the University of Florida have developed a new solution that aims to stop ransomware. In a test, the method called CryptoDrop, was able to detect and stop 100% of all 492 tested ransomware variants.

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Someone will  make a killing on this…

Summer again I guess and news have somewhat dried out due to holidays?

While it is cool, even the free Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware does this…

Since they are looking for partners, it will probably be commercial or shareware and if you are seriously concerned about the new trends, you could go way beyond the feature mentioned with the shareware HitmanPro.Alert from Surfright which in addition stops excessive deleting of files and goes beyond what even Microsoft’s Emet and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Exploit protects you against.

The IT security field change from week to week and in this case, unless they have more on offer than just this monitoring feature, it is already implemented in the above, quite possibly in others. :flower:

I guess it depends on how the software works as to whether or not this process will be successful.

No detection method is foolproof and the ransomware may adapt to avoid whatever method they’re using.

It’s always great to see things move a step in the right direction though.


When I read advertisements that mention “100%”, I’m immediately suspicious as to whether the claim has any honesty to back it up. When it comes to malware, no one solution is ever “100%” effective. There’s always a way to get around a protection scheme, as anyone who has ever tried to fight malware infections would know. So, the “fact” (if you can all it a “fact”) that this software blocks “100%” of ransomware is rather dubious at best.

As always, make sure to maintain backup copies of important data. That’s as close as you can get to “100%” safe.

The next day it will be 99% so unless ransome stop that day and no more this is a farce to believe then can stop it. The best defense is not to go to black sites or use hacked software or open email fakes that contain ransomeware. It’s that easy but then again people like to blame the computer gave me ransomeware… :a