Researchers Crack 3G GSM 128-bit Encryption in Under 2 Hours



For those in the know about the current state of cell phone security, it’s a mess. With current 64-bit encryptions on GSM (used by about 3.5 billion people worldwide), publicly cracked after 21 years of secrecy, wire-tapping is now no longer the realm of the government alone. Security researchers have demonstrated that malicious users and corporate spies alike can tap 64-bit GSM and decrypt it using equipment that can cost under $1,000 (most of the software involved is open source). That’s scary news for anyone who wants to avoid letting their company’s financial results slip in a seemingly private, behind-closed-doors conversation with your financial staff.




I always knew that cell phones weren’t secure, used to be able to listen to the on any newer police scanner, so the industry rather then fix the phones made cell phone coverage in scanners illegal and made the manufacturers take out the cell bands.
Maybe 3g is a bit more secure but why do anything on it that might be intercepted. After the cell phone crap I’d never trust any company claiming their device or product is secure.


I used to listen to cellphones on an old Black and White TV. The original cell phone frequencies were the same as OTA TV channels 70-83…And were simple FM analog signals.


People that needs privacy must use a very strong encryption service like openvpn ( 1024+ bits ) . Using 3G data/internet capabilities and a strong encryption vpn service to secure sensitive data is enough to avoid headaches. :slight_smile: