Researchers announce 128Mbit high-speed non-volatile SST-MRAM

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Researchers from the Tohoku University in Japan report they have successfully developed 128Mbit spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive random access memory (SST-MRAM). The development paves the way for mass-production of the high-speed, non-volatile memory. Write speeds are specified at 14ns and initially the memory will be used for embedded chips.

I just tried to say that out loud and my tongue had a spasm. I’ve been doing IT for a little while now and this sounds really interesting, but I have now effing idea what this means and how it applies to the gear I am using now or rather in the future.

Is anyone able to translate this into stupid so I can understand it. :thinking: I guess it is either going to be used for RAM (hence the random access memory words in the article) or used for storage. I also recognise that 14ns is really, really, REALLY fast (light travels about 4.2mts in that time) but is it all that useful when the bottlenecks between devices don’t allow the full potential of that speed to be utilised?

I look forward to seeing a translation. Please write in crayon to give me a fighting chance of comprehending it. :grin: