Research the VCD copy protection

Hello Friends,

I want to know the result of my VCD protection technique.
Pls, Discuss & Advice.

Download zip file from

cue file open with nero software & copy with ( disc-at-once/96 ).

That VCD only play in VCD/DVD (cannot open in computer).

Post reply the test result of that VCD.
Sorry for my poor english.

hello Friends,

MY VCD is very short only a few seconds.
Anybody test my VCD ?

I want to know the comment & advice.

Pls, post reply.

Hi friends,

U copy my image with nero.
That VCD cannot copy with clone.
U can make image or copy with clone.
If u copy with clone CD that VCD cannot Play with VCD player.
Because that track will Audio , so cannot see that VCD.

Pls, Test with other softwar try to copy.

Pls, Reply post to me.

Hello Friends,

Is there anybody who can test with clone, nero, alcohol, CDRwin, DiscJuggler, Duplicator, etc…
Is there any protection can protect from sectors read & duplicator select ?
Which software can read sectors ?

Any advice ?

thanks for reading.
Pls, post reply after read…

The way you describe your test is not a good test. I can just mount your cd image in “Virtual Drive” and play the VCD. If I had the physical VCD I can simply use ISO Buster to extract the MPEG and remaster with Nero. Either way your protection would be defeated.

dear truman,

did u already make physical vcd with my image?
if not please make it first and play at vcd/dvd player(not at computer) and compare with the file that u made with isobuster, u will not see all show at ur new mpeg.
thanks for ur reply and pls feedback again.

i want to tell u one thing that i posted image is not protected, the physical CD that u burn with nero will be protected. pls make physical CD first with my image and try on that CD.


Dear myanmar,

I’ve copied your image with cue using Nero. Played it on my standalone DVD player. The isobuster extracted mpg file is the same! The show is 00:19 in length.

You’re not telling the truth - you added some protection (invalids) to the .img & .sub files. I can see injected data from sectors 0 to 749 and also your sub files are modified! That’s why you said burn in RAW DAO 96!!

True, I cannot play with Windows Media Player under windows - that’s because sectors 0 to 749 are corrupt and causes software to take very long time to read all those sectors!! But using ISObuster I can jump over all those bad sectors and extract the full length MPEG file from the CD-R starting from sector 750.

But very good job. Most people won’t know how to do this.


Dear myanmar,

What was the different berween your protection mehtod
as compare with Mateusz methods

a) VCD/SVCD copy protection

b) VCD/SVCD Copy Protection - protected against IsoBuster

KL Chin

Hello Friends,

I think our protection will full protect for (sony 52X,32X,52X), (Lite-on 52X,32X,52x) & ( 298,398,DVD399,DVD3000 dublicators ).
So, Pls Try to test with that Drives.

Our protection didn’t use protect software.
Some parts of protection technique is made from dublicator.

Mateusz methods is 1:1 copy.
Our protection method can copy with mutiple copy.

Sorry for my poor english.
Thanks for Reply.

Hi Myanmar,

Thx for your reply.

As I had test Mateusz method, the protected VCD cannot be copy by
CloneCD & Alcohol, as well as IsoBuster. As well as duplicator
For duplicator it might hv to supplied the original Image instead
the master CD. drawback will be it had to burnt with CloneCD.

Beside it can be play be software, another word it more compatible.

BTW, what do u mean “full protect” for sony. lite-on and etc?
Can u explain more.

Can you show me how to create the image step by step?

Thx in advance.

KL Chin

Hello KL chin,

Full protect mean " my VCD cannot be read sector on that drives " .
So, I want to know “How can you copy my VCD with that drives ?”.
Can Mateusz method protect from sector read ?
because I didn’t test Mateusz method.
Now, I am trying to understand & test Mateusz method.

thanks for reply.

Hello Truman,

Which drive u use to extract my VCD ?
Is there any protection which can protect sector read ?

Sorry for my poor english.

I used a Plextor 755A and LiteOn 163D. I’m not sure about protecting sectors, but from Mateusz’s method… something was mentioned about making the leadout appear to be shorter than it is - that may prevent ISOBuster - I’m not too sure. I have a funny feeling I can still extract the sectors with the Plextor, which can read beyond leadout.

Hi Myanmar,

Sorry, I yet to burn your image, will try when had time.

Mateusz’s method with single dummy file, do provide a
none readable sectors,

I forget ISO Buster can fully read out the sectors and same
as the original image during the test.

But, with the (2) method, ISO buster only able to read out
the sector specified on the CCD file, hence the image file
was not complete.

KL Chin

Hello Friends,

Now. We are testing in stamp (original CD not CDR) with that technology.
Is there any problem if we apply on original CD ?
Which protection is more difficult or same ? ( original CD & CDR ).
Sorry for my poor english.

Hello KL Chin,
Did u finish your test ?


Hy Myanmar,

With my very simple 1st test, your protection failed to
stop the copy, the very basic tools, i.e. CloneCD.

I had used CDR/W media, your source image was excatly
the same with image from the burnt CDR/W.

KL Chin

I did the test on the LiteOn 52247S and 52327S, both drives failed to read any sectors and so failed to extract MPG file using ISOBuster. It is highly dependent on the drive you’re using - but this is usual with protections.

Hi Truman,

Then I should try on other drive by tomorrow when back to work.

KL Chin

Hello KLchin,
Are u sure ?
Did u click on (disc-at-once/96) before copy ?

If not that VCD cannot protect anything.


Hi Myanmar,

Like Truman said, it depend on the drive. Not all dirver can read the image.

KL Chin