Research shows that file traders feel activities are not wrong

I just posted the article Research shows that file traders feel activities are not wrong.

savannah used our newssubmit to tell us that research shows that most Americans feel file trading is not wrong. In the last month almost one-fifth of the American population over 12 has downloaded…

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any guesses as to how long before wolverine18 posts something antiRIAA? of course, they didnt ask in their survey about the effects on the recording industry. i tend to feel that piracy hurts the industry rather than the artists. not gonna justify myself, though.

Hey, I am surprised that he hasn’t posted yet :wink: All I have to say is let’s give peace a chance so let’s bomb the riaa, I mean saddam. Whatever I am just Bull…

How about re-educating the big boys on fair pricing…:7

Hey I just bought my first music CD since September 1999. The RIAA would be proud of me. $23.99 for the Rolling Stones 40 Licks is well worth the money. Hell I even have all the songs from this CD downloaded on my PC but still wanted the CD because of the better quality.