Research: illegal streaming ripping is the new downloading

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More and more digital pirates use sites and tools to download music and video from streaming services like Spotify and Youtube. The number of users that rips streams is larger than the number of users that use illegal download sites, according to a research report from the Intellectual Property Office en de PSR For Music

hmm…I never thought it would happen… lmao… duh. That is a no brainer here and it took them this long to figure it out. They must thought people where dumb not to figure out if you can watch/listen then someone can find a way around it.

Well shove a pickle down my pants and call me “Billy”… people wanting to do something so badly that they end up figuring out a way to do it… just like they have for over a decade… who could have guessed that something like this would happen? Literally every reasonably-intelligent person on earth, what’s who!