Research groups set new data transmission speed records via fiber optics

Research groups set new data transmission speed records via fiber optics.

[newsimage][/newsimage]With the popularity of web-connected devices and multimedia streaming services rapidly increasing, broadband internet bandwidth is quickly becoming a precious commodity. However, two separate research firms have found ways to enhance fiber optic technology and increase data capacities to unprecedented levels.

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You could stream many hd movies with that. Hell, you could download a couple of 1080p hd movies with that type of speed.

Major Canadian Cities have been linked by fibre optics for over twenty years.
The Telecommunication companies are just too cheap to upgrade local infrastructure. It’s far too proffitable to rape and pillage your customers and merely band-aid the old decrepit infrastructure.
Would imagine the same is true south of the 49th.

so true olddancer

I don’t imagine I’ll ever live long enough to see that kind of speed around here I’m still
on a I think it is a 10 megabit connection we were supposed to be getting a 50 megabit
connection around here by now but it has not happened yet but maybe someday it will
but I’m not going to hold my breath until it does get here. :disagree: