Research: 82% of US population believes backups are legal

I just posted the article Research: 82% of US population believes backups are legal.

About 25% of our daily visitors originates from the United States of America, and according to a recent research about 82% of them thinks that making a backup of a CD/DVD or VHS tape is legal. As…

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I don’t think there would be much point in making backups illegal since there would be absolutely no way to police it. Fair Use legislation would be preferable for the lawyers because it would give them a grey area to argue about ad infinitum.

Having a backup should be allowed under the DMCA. Have you ever had a disc ruined by a child? Do the authors of the DMCA know the cost of CDs + DVDs. Also the Disc is claimed to be the physical property (under license) of the software company but do they ever replace a damaged disc? YES THEY DO AS THEY ONLY WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY… I am very happy but I wish my family would stop hiding the Paracetamol.

First I totally agree with CDFreaks editorial opinion as well as the general opinion of most of your readers (that being the RIAA MPAA and DMCA suck!!!) But to play devil’s advocate, you bend statistics to fit your argument just like the RIAA. How can you say 82% of US population when deriving it from the number of visitors to your site. Visitors to CDFreaks are a much more informed and vocal slice of the internet pie than your average american. You know the actual percentage is half of what you quoted so don’t stoop to RIAA tactics to make a point even if we all know you are correct!

Remember the days when games came on 3.5 inch floppies? Didn’t they advise you to make a backup set? So what the fu*k is the difference now? (other than the RIAA and the various evil organisations with long acronyms have their heads up their arse)

hell… Americans can go about their daily lives carrying guns… Bring Iraq into power against Iran and then want them out… I’m quite sure they can allow people to own one backup copy of a CD.