Reseachers: Cyberlockers are a hotbed for piracy and malware



We’ve just posted the following news: Reseachers: Cyberlockers are a hotbed for piracy and malware[newsimage][/newsimage]

Cloud Services where users can download illegal movies, music and software are a hotbed for piracy and often exposure users to malware, according to researchers of the American Digital Citizens Alliance and the British NetNames.

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and who would expect any other accusation from a group of researchers that are entertainment industries funded or affiliated? it’s like Esso saying that F1 uses petrol! the thing that is wrong with these reports is that they have no basis of truth and refuse to use any figures that the industries dont agree with. any and all reports/studies that are done independently of any outside influence, giving the most truthful result is completely ignored, particularly by politicians and law makers because they get no kick-back from them, bringing some ridiculous, new law in that simply persecutes the customers further!!


I suppose the purpose of this “study” was so that it could be used to scare politicians into passing laws they otherwise wouldn’t be stupid enough to pass. Someone probably wants the rest of us to think this study was for our benefit, but they conveniently forgot to mention the large quantity of good, honest, benign files (which of course have not been counted correctly, as that would make the amount of malware/pirate files seem as small as they actually are), that many users actually depend on for various legit purposes.