Rescue a bad commercial CD possible?

Recently managed to pick up a hard-to-find new copy of an old favourite “Sigue Sigue Sputnik” best of album.
Problem is, my normal CD player (decent quality) has a hard time recognizing it …when it does, like after re-inserting it 10 or 20 times, it plays just fine until the last track…then it skips like there´s no tomorrow.
I´ve ripped it to MP3 - same problem. I´ve also tried the Sonic software that came with one of the burners - it couldn´t even finish! Tried both of my computers, but no improvement :frowning:
It seems to be a fairly full disc at 777MB…could this be why it has problems with the last track (on the edge)?

Any ideas how to solve this…any software that can read the "unreadable?

Try with EAC

Good tip thanks Geno…did as you suggested…tried it, but it couldn´t save my disc…it must be too badly damaged.
I guess I will have to try to find a new one.

Try cleaning it with some alcohol CD cleaning wipes that you can get very cheaply from your local computer store.

Also what drive on your computer are you trying to rip it with? As sometimes others are better at ripping damaged CD’s/DVD’s than what other drives are.

Also, did you have EAC set to rip using a “secure” method such as Secure, or did you have it set to use a relatively fast method like Buffered Burst?

There´s something TOO weird with this cd - now, two days later, it won´t play at all in my cd player.
As for the disc - tried cleaning it several times over the last few days - no better.
The software - the first attempts were with Nero, then Sonic, then EAC (basic settings only)
The drives: Pioneer DVR-K14 on my Sony laptop, and LG GSA-4167B on my desktop.

Result: I did the unforgivable - sorry dudes - bought a new copy, plays fine and ripped and copied without a hitch.
Reason being I´m hitting the road in 10 days for a month and wanted to take the MP3 with me, and the rest of my time is fully occupied editing some filmwork that has to be ready (and may be the subject of a few posts in another thread cos it´s presenting its own problems)

If you can, try to rip it using an Plextor CD-RW or CD-ROM.