Requirements to play 1280x720 AVI

I recently downloaded a few movies with this rez. Although my stand alone player plays xvid it cannot play them at this rez although my TV will accept.
What kind of player do I require to play such files.


“AVI” is just a container, the video and audio can be anything. In any case you need a player that supports the format of the video and audio, the resolution and the bitrate.

For the most part, SD-DVD players do not support 1280x720 in any format, so you’re looking for a BD player that supports file playback. Or, a HTPC with component or HDMI connect to your TV.

Cheers CDan. Yes no probs from PC to TV. Can you please give an example of such a player/s. Ive googled about a bit but not really found any suitable product.


I don’t know of any current BD or DVD players that accept 720p file playback, but I haven’t looked. You’ll need to do some searching amongst those players that do file playback. You can go HERE to see how specific players fare on a detailed set of file playback tests.

The upcoming Oppo BDP-83 will play most common HD file types, or so I’ve heard.

OK Cheers.

Or a PlayStation 3 :slight_smile:

I completely neglected to mention the HD media players like the new unit from Western Digital which is being discussed in all the forums. I assume it plays most flavors of the MPEG-4 formats. That would be the cheapest solution assuming you already have USB hard drives around. But first one needs to know the specific codec that you need to play.