Requirements for a video editing PC

My mate has asked me to build him a PC capable of video editing for around £500 for doing home movies, holidays etc. He already has Ulead Videostudio 10 Plus as the software. What specs do I need to be looking for?

Was thinking of an

Athlon X2 4200
300GB Hdd (or would 2 160gb in RAID be better? I’m not that informed on this)
MOBO and GFX Card suggestions would be welcome.


RAID is better, no doubt.

as for mobo i would say pretty much anything by ASUS is a safe bet as they been making “quality” stuff for quite a long time… just get a higher priced (150 dollars ish+) mobo from ASUS and i doubt u will go wrong.

also get a quality power supply as getting a cheap one can effect system stability… a very good test of overall system stability is a program called “Prime95” … if u can run the “torture test” for 6-24 hours straight with no errors then your pc is very stable :wink:

also on a side note those new intel CPU’s are faster than anything AMD offers at the moment so u might want to go with one of those and there pretty decently priced plus i heard those new intel CPU’s can overclock really well… only problem is i aint sure if there easy to find yet since there pretty new.

Definitely go with dual-core CPU. All video crunching will benefit, whether the application is multi-threaded or not.

RAID-0 will gain you almost nothing, unless you use Raptors. Speed will improve more if you use 2 drives, with one as a OS drive and the other as a scratch/application/storage drive. Thus the video conversions and such will take place from one drive to the other. Although even then the differences are small. I use 2 Raptor RAID-0 arrays in this way, and see maybe 5-10% gain in speeds while converting or recoding, but the gain is because of the use of 2 separate physical volumes, not because of the RAID-0.

Agree with others, go with Dual Core. AMD processors are pretty cheap now but personally I would go with the Intel Core 2 Duo.

£500 ~ US$1000

[PS: links just for reference]

CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6400 $240 (link)
Mobo: ASUS P5W DH Deluxe (link) or Intel BOXD975XBXLKR (link) $260
RAM: 2x1GB DDR2-667 or 800Mhz $150-200
PSU: 500W and up $80
GFX: Nvidia 7600GT or ATI X1600XT $100-150
Case: Cooler Master (or any other brand) <$50
HDD: 2x Seagate/WDC for OS and Data

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Seems there’s quite a price difference between the UK & US. Core 2 Duo E6400 is closer to $320 here and a 7600GT is over $200. I’m using, any UK peeps with any other suggestions for sites to look at?,,, are all sites I can vouce for as having top notch service. If you order anything off techfever though, be sure to be home on the day they deliver as twice i have had orders left outside in my garden by ‘interlink express’ the courier they use. They themselves are great, their courier could be better.

Oh, btw, if i were you and are on a really tight budget, i’d just get an x2 4800. I know the Core Duo 2 is much better, but everything in the uk is so expensive, no rebates, no nothing, that if money is your concern the x2 price cuts offer the geatest value for money. I mean i paid £200 pounds for each of my 7900gt’s, they are now cheaper, but in the states they are ALOT cheaper then we could ever dream.

All good , but you need two seperate hd’s for video capture/editing. One for software, and one for files. If you want the best, then go with a raptor for the software and anything that is 7200rpm is fine for capture/converions. Just make sure the file hd is big… 300gb

All makers of video capture hardware/software, recommend two HD’s…