Required Audio Files

Which audio stream must i choose to have sound on my dvds.

AC3/6, AC3/2, or DTS/6? or all. I would like sound with least amount of compression required. I have made a few coasters out of dvds now, please help!

Hi ans welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What do you want to do exactly?

How do you obtained these coasters? What burner/firmware/media?

Normall you should be okay with only selecting AC3/6 - AC3/2 is normally directors commentary or second lanuages. DTS is only any use if you are playing your movie through a player with a DTS decoder.

thanks for the fast reply

i am using latest clonedvd 2 and anydvd
latest firmware sony dvd burner w/ sony dvd-r

the past three dvd have had no audio, but i am sure i unselected whichever file is required. i will try with only ac3/6. thank you

if you select DTS, but don’t have a DTS system, you’ll get no audio.

ac3/6 will play no matter what and is usually the main movie audio track.
ac3/2 is SOMETIMES the main movie audio track, but is more often the audio track for extras and director’s commentary.

it doesn’t hurt to select them all because you can always cycle through the audio tracks using the audio button on your remote control (but that takes up more space, and i assume that’s what you’re trying to cut down on by only selecting the correct one…)