Require USB CD-RW Purchase advice



I am about 2 purchase a CD-RW for the first time and have decided 2 go for the USB rather than internal option.i realise that this will not be as fast as SCSI options etc. but the portability is important.

looking for tips from other USB owners on a “reliable” make and model in the UK that is cloneCD compatible. checked FAQ but didnt really find anything that helped.

look forward to your post.



i still wouldn’t go USB, even if you need portability. but if you simply MUST, i am not aware of models that will work with CloneCD, but you can check here:, and to find a good price on a drive, check here: and

so, i really can’t recommend one, but i gave ya some links to check for yourself. i have never actually used a USB drive, but i have used external SCSI before, and it wasn’t very good at all.



hi squage,

thanks for the reply. checked and sight is currently under construction. the future does not look bright 4 me going down the USB route then. do u know the technical reasons y at all. i assumed that the data flows are the same just slower than SCSI?