Requesting Help with Bad Media Error Message

Hi, I need help please !! I am using the latest version of ANYDVD and CloneDVD2 to make backups. Eveything was working fine on my old PC(HP with a DigitalMax burner, and then Santa came to town. My new emachine is a nightmare. It will give me an error message (most of the time), that while writing there is bad media. I fiquired it was the cheap drive and went out and purchased a new Sony DVD writer and I am still having the same problem. Sometimes it will complete the backup, but it is very unreliable. I tried fuji,Verbatim,Maxell,TDK,Memorex and Phillips media. All end up giving me the error when writing. I also tried slowing the speed down to 4x. The Sony drive was only 29.99 on sale. Should I buy a different drive ? Any help from the experts would be geatly appreciated.

@ Rurbank,

It would be helpful if you provided the exact complete Error Code and Error Notification Narrative you are receiving.

Also have you ensured the your undisclosed Sony DVD Burner has the newest most current up to date Firmware? Just because you recently purchased this DVD Burner does not mean if fact that it’s Firmware is the newest most current up to date available Firmware. Suggest visiting the CD Freaks Sony DVD Burner Forum ( for Sony DVD Burner assistance.

Have you ensured that you have curtailed all background Multi Tasking operations during the DVD copying processes? To ensure that all background Multi Tasking operations are in fact curtailed check that ALL unnecessary programs are not automatically loaded during Window Startup. To check this suggest viewing the below Web Link that details how to use MSCONFIG to configure Windows Startup to load only necessary items. You will be surprised at all the unnecessary Memory and Resource wasting items that are automatically loaded during Windows Startup. Quite possibly one of these items could be causing your problem. Suggest when visiting the below referenced Web Link to also check out Paul “PacMan” Collins’ huge “Startup Applications” list (

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Thanks for the advice. I found on another thread that this burner is known to have problems burning DVD-R. If I use the DVD+, everyting should be ok. I believe there may be a firmware upgrade. I greatly appreciate your time and expert advice. Take care.