Requesting assistance with HDD in PIO mode

I just started having trouble burning discs. I could not get above 2x and the CPU would go crazy. I found that my large hard drive which I burn from has suddenly gone into PIO mode, even though it says “DMA if available”. No matter what I do I cannot get it back into Ultra DMA mode. How would this happen, and how would I go about fixing it? Thanks

check dma settings in bios
are you using standard microsoft ide driver or nvidia/via ones?

edit: also try this expand “ide ata/atapi controllers” in device manager right click the ide channel the hdd is on and click uninstall and restart

That did it. Any ideas why this would happen? At least things are back to normal speedwise for now. Thanks, I appreciate it.

According to Microsoft (sorry, no link at hand) this can happen when there were repeated errors in reading. It’s a sort of “auto-protect” feature.