Request to cdfreaks: review LG GSA-4167B

Dear cdfreaks crew,
I have a request:
Could u please do an indepth review of the LG GSA-4167B?

I am considering buying it since it came first on a german site (

I am considering buying either the LG 4167B or the BenQ DW1640, since that burner received your editors choice award.
The german website I mentioned said the LG was superb in media compatibility, which is one of the main, including burn speed, features i need the drive to have.
The site reviewed the Benq on the 26. of april 2005, but i’m not sure if (at the time of the review) the benq had the solidburn or overspeed feature it now has with the newer firmware. On that german site the benq scored worse compared to the LG 4167b in terms of media compatibility.

Thanks !

It only depends on LG.

Whatever decision you take, do not base it on a review.

Inside info: The review is almost done :wink: Just needs to be put together and checked for errors and then published :wink: No - the review is not done by me.

Good news :clap: When the review will be released?

What a pity, it´s not made by you :sad:

Hoped you had done it and show some scans with a Benq 1640

OC-Freak can’t have too much spare time and he also can’t monopolize LG test units. :bigsmile:

Whether a review of some hardware will be done or not and when the review will be published much depends on the provider of review sample, in this case, LG Electronics in Seoul. For example, I’ve never seen a Matsushita drive reviewed here, I mean, provided by Matsushita itself. None from Toshiba either. is probably not a reliable source for DVD burner reviews by CDFreaks standard. However, companies like Samsung seem to rely heavily on such magazines. Samsung Electronics (TSST Korea) quotes something like 15 awards in Germany, UK, and so on. Such award symbols must look impressive on product boxes when displayed in offline stores. is awful :Z

Someone told me this: Look what manufacturer makes advertisement in the magazine. If those manufacturers are the test winners, you know why :cool:

Great news :bow:

Please make it soon avaible :flower:

I don’t think magazines in the UK, the US, South Korea, and other countries are any better than It’s especially, well, disgusting in South Korea. :slight_smile:

I rarely read german magazines (except c´t). For the other magazines I can only say: It´s all about the money :wink: The brand that gives the most money to the magazine will be the test-winner :stuck_out_tongue:


Hope all write-tests with 4167 will be done with DL12 (or maybe higher :wink: ) ?

I bought a 4167B recently, was wanting to buy a DVD reader but the savings is negligible going for a DVD-ROM instead of a DVD-RW; chose LG because it’s the only brand stocked by a local retailer of mine

So far it surpassed my expectations. I was skeptical at first, expecting Liteon levels of burn quality (i.e. BAD) because this drive uses Active/Running OPC but not WOPC. Turns out this drive burns faster and better than my NEC 3500A at least for PRODISC-F01 media (haven’t tried others), a media I’ve been having lots of trouble with. This drive is quiet in operation, tray mechanism is also quiet and drive is short like Liteon. Nice job LG, if you had PI/PIF scanning you had a perfect product.

I can recommend this drive to anyone who’s looking to buy one.
However, Benq seems to be the most feature rich drive and is on top of my recommended list
NEC went to the bottom of my list even though it served me well, because its 6x 8x write strategies are still behind the times! And I still DON’T have PI/PIF scanning on 3500A!

I also have my doubts about the tests, but the test of the 4167 was the newest i found on the web.
I will patiently await the test on cdfreaks and will then decide between the two… (BenqDW1640 or the LG).

Or are you guys going to confuse me more and recommend another drive in the same pricerange? :confused:

Not sure - I do not know any details from the review yet as I’ve not seen it yet. I’ve only seen one scan of a MCC004 disc and it was damn good.

LG rocks :cool:

Scanned with a Liteon or Benq?

What about a 4166-review :wink: ?

Okay, I’ll probably get killed for showing this but heck let’s do it :stuck_out_tongue:

MCC004 @ 16x P-CAV with GSA-4167. This is the only scan I’ve seen so I do not know more.

4166 review is not likely to happen. But a HP 840 that is an OEM version of the 4166… maybe there will be a preview soon at least :wink:

Just for reference a mcc004@16x burn on a 4166

There som more PIF at the end, but overall it´s very good :iagree:

I like soon previews :wink:

What about already posted preview? :stuck_out_tongue:

This I like it more :cool:

Read it, hope HP/LG will improve the writing-quality soon, looks not so good.

Still waiting… :cool: