[Request] Philips Dvd8601 firmware

What is the advantage of moding this drive. I got one with my XPS and really havent used it much yet. I just bought some dvd+rs and they mentioned updating my firmware, when i couldnt find any i did a google search and found this thread. Are there problems with the 8601? Whats the deal?

There are no real problems with my Philips drive (PBDV1601P firmware B1.1). But I wasn’t happy with the burn results, specially Ritek R03 ended up as coasters. Now with this drive converted to a BenQ 1620, the burn results are better. I have had e-mail contact with Philips, but my drive was a oem drive and they would not release a new firmware for this drive.
I’m happy that I could convert my drive into a BenQ, BenQ offers better support with new firmware. Also if you check other reviews, the BenQ DVD drives perform better than philips drives even if they use the same chipset.
BenQ offers better firmware so their drives performe better. You would not regret converting the Philips into a BenQ. But you have to make the decision of taking the risk of losing the warranty of your drive

I see people complaning that the drive won’t do dvd-r, whats the difference between -r and +r?

Okay, I modded my drive and it appears to be working. One question though. My drive didn’t support -r disks, however, the benq 1620 does, does that mean that my drive does too now?

YES, your drive now supports -R disks, but BenQ is still trying to improve the writing quallity of those disks. Use +R and bitsetting tool I would suggest.

Very cool. Whats the bitsetting tool for?

In short explanation…the bitsetting tool is to change tho booktyp of the dvd, you can change +R dvd in to -R so it is more compatible with dvd players which have problems with +R dvd’s. But a little search on the internet with Google would have helped.

I followed the instuctions above, and upgraded my DVD8601 to BENQ DW1620. I opened up Nero after the upgrade completed (and rebooted several times) and it will only allow me to write at a maximum of 2.4X. Before the upgrade I was able to write at 8X. Has anyone come across this problem, or does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.


Have you tried to flash the latest firmware, http://support.benq.com/files/storage/Firmware/DW1620/B7M9.zip
Did you get any error messages? First try to flash the lattest firmware.

Yep, I installed the latest firmware, and I’m still unable to write at 2.4X. Has anyone else upgraded their firmware and experienced similar problems with Nero

can u show out the media code ?


Hi just wondering if you have the edited file for flashing the philips dvd 8601.
if not can you explain how to do it like i’m a two year old don’t know how to use the hex editor,:confused:

Cheers Tonkatits :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ok,…I’m not Charliefin, but I’ll try to help you out.
I made a very brief how to do …for you (only hex editor) with screenshots.
Read the pdf file and you know how to use a hex editor

How to change the Philips dvd drive into a BenQ 1620.pdf (36.9 KB)

will this aid in also making it a regon free if there is a flas for it

Not to that effect - but since I upgraded to the BenQ drive, the green access light will not go off of the drive; and it has destroyed a previously writted CD-RW disc. :rolleyes: I wonder what may be next? :eek:

hey guys, i’m new to this
just bought a Dell 8400 with the philips in it
by reading it, i just realize my burner doesn’t do -R/RW :frowning:

what’s the differnce if i upgrade to the Benq dw1620?
will that allow me to burn -(minus)R/RW?

and reading on that other guy’s post, how safe is it to convert?
I don’t want to get stuck on a 2.4x speed :rolleyes:

so let me get this straight:
i first, flash to the dw1600 fw
then flash to 1620
then upgrade fw to newer 1620?

Which type Philips DVD writer is it and which firmware do you have.

Remember…there is always a risk, the chance however is very small.
What went wrong with the guy’s dvd writer with the speed problem?? :frowning:
Many others had a succesfull conversion.

My positive points of the conversion are:

  • better burning quality
  • match more media
  • burning -r/rw
  • fast dvd scaning in Nero (burned quality test)

BenQ is a real good at +r, -r needs improvement.

You got the order of flashing correct.

When you realy want to convert your drive into a BenQ, just read all the posts again. Make notes of what you need and things you must do. There are many people here to help you, but don’t take the risk when you can’t afford loosing your drive. :smiley:



i have flasched my dvd 8601 whit the second manual. whit this manual:




now i havent anymore a philips dvd 8601 driver, now i hava a ATAPI DVD DD 2x16x4x16x???? is it posible to flash it back to a philips 8601 or what have i to do now
please help.

sorry for my bad english.

thank you

Maybe you can sent a private message to Yangxi by clicking on his avatar (picture) and ask him for help.

Have you done steps 1 and 2 or have you stopped after the first step of the conversion?

i have downloadet the WinDWFlash.rar and G7L9.cvt ,
startet WindDWFlash and flasched whit G7L7.

that is everything what I did.