[Request] Philips Dvd8601 firmware

Where do find Philips DVD8601 FIRMWARE ??

how do crossflash to Benqdw1620 ??

THank you

I have successfully transformed my Philips DVD8601 into a Benq DW1620. Here’s
what I did:
<p>Obtain a copy of B5G9.zip which contains B5G9.exe, a Windows program to update the firmware of the Benq DW1600. This is available here - http://support.benq.com/files/storage/Firmware/DW1600/B5G9.zip</p>
<p>Use a Hex editor on B5G9.exe to change the checksum of B5A9 (the checksum of the original Benq DW1600) to 6D11 (the checksum of the firmware in the Philips 8601). Details of the edit are

Location: Original Value -> New Value
F390: 42 -> 36
F391: 35 -> 44
F392: 41 -> 31
F393: 39 -> 31

<p> Run the edited B5G9.exe. It will apply its firmware modification to the Philips 8601, turning it into a Benq DW1600.</p>
<p>Obtain a copy of 1600-1620_B7K9.exe from the Benq Web site here:
<p>Run this. It will update the Benq DW1600 to a Benq DW1620.</p>


will try later

This is some good information for people who got the Philips 8601 from Dell.

Can anyone explain what “Use a Hex editor on B5G9.exe to change the checksum of B5A9…” is? Please someone give me directions on how to do that. I have downloaded the B5G9.exe but dont know how to do the hex editor. I have been on the phone with Dell for about a week now and no one seems to know what to do. I would really appreciate it! thanks much!

Philips DVD8601 can mod to BENQ DW1620 !!

step1: (flash dw1600)

step2: ( dw1600 -> 1620 )

step3: ( latest dw1620 firmware)




I have a Philips PBDV 1601P with firmware B1.1. Can this Philips PBDV1601 be transformed to a BenQ 1620.???
I tried to change the firmeware B5G9.
F390: 42 -> 42 = B
F391: 34 -> 31 = 1
F392: 41 -> 2E = .
F393: 39 -> 31 = 1

When I tried to flash this modified firmware I got the message that my drive was not supported. :confused:

Is there any hope for my Philips 1601, all help is welcome cause I’m not satisfied with it’s performance right now.

Strange thiing I noticed, is that my drive can only do +R and +RW but according to Nero tool my drive can do -R and -RW as well. This is not correct.
Nero version installed


How did you figure out the checksum for the philips drive? I’d like to try to convert my teac to a benq 822 using a similar process. Any idea of it’s possible? thanks

I don’t know that you can do that. It would work only if the hardware is identical. Because I have neither the TEAC nor the Benq 822, I can’t say.

It’s not a checksum, it’s a firmware version number that’s being patched.

F390: 42 ‘B’-> 36 ‘6’
F391: 35 ‘5’-> 44 ‘D’
F392: 41 ‘A’-> 31 ‘1’
F393: 39 ‘9’-> 31 ‘1’

What model TEAC do you have? Can’t say we’ve ever come across them using a BENQ/PHILIPS DVD burner, pretty much just LITE-ON and PIONEER, and one using a SANYO chipset.

Brother Vlad

Brother Vlad,

Thanks for your response. It’s a TEAC DV-W58E that came with a Dell 4600. It may very well not be a benq, but there is a sticker that says:

  1. DVD R/RW Drive (DV-W58E)
  2. E-H900-03- etc…

Number 5 there is the only place it mentions BENQ on the drive, so I was just hoping it was compatible as it only writes to dvd+r in it’s present state. Let me know if there’s any other info I can provide. Thanks again, tolchuk

Nuts, I can’t figure out how to append my first post. Sorry. Here’s the error I get when running WinDWFlash:

Linear Check Sum = D35E
Rotated Check Sum = 912A
Check Sum match !!
Start Flashing…
Don’t turn off the power!!

======== FAIL 1========

Does the checksum match mean it’s compatible?

I’m one of those DELL customers desperately waiting for a firmware upgrade to improve the Philips 8601.

I am willing to try the suggested migration, however, I’d like your views on two issues.

  • can I backup my orignal FW?
  • the Benq support site lists two types of 1620 FW. B7L9 and G7L9. One FW is for bulk (without Benq logo) and one for retail (with Beng) logo.
    Which one should I use? Or does it matter in any way?


Hey OttoBufonto,

I’m a newb so it may well be possible, but I couldn’t find anyway to backup the firmware of this drive after searching quite a bit. Using charliefin’s post (first response to this thread) I successfully converted my dell philips 8601 to a benq 1620 yesterday no problem. It didn’t work when I tried to flash B5G9.exe by itself, but after I made the suggested changes (using hex workshop) it flashed fine (in the sixth post down yangxi is hosting the modified version). Then flashed 1600 to 1620 and finally B7L9. That’s my .02 cents. Good luck.

Curiosity killed the cat… but not the drive. :slight_smile:
I upgraded my 8601 successfully and can enjoy all the advantages of my new 1620…

Cheers to charliefin for giving the hints and yangxi for the modded FW and the three easy steps…

I finally managed to change my Philips PBDV1601 (Philips 8601 on the sticker) with firmware B1.1 to a BenQ1620. I did the same as I mentioned in my earlier post but only saved the changed firmware as Philips 8601.exe. This time I could flash the drive and updateted to it’s latetest firmware. My thanks go to Charliefin. I have not tested the drive but I will when I have time to spare.

Just a bit of info for some who may have problems with the posted links

My drive would not convert from 1600 to 1620 with the driver flash posted

Follow this link to the Benq site and download the firmware upgrade for the unbranded “bulk” version

This works

Happy burning

PS - the drive is burning faster than it did with the old Phillips frimware


is there also a solution to burn the Philips DVDR1640K firmware (same drive?) onto the Philips DVD8601 firmware (instead of the Benq DW1620 firmware).
I saw in a report that the burning quality of the philips fw seems to better than the Benq version…

:rolleyes: swiss007