Request opinions on the burn results


I have a 812s US0Q, I used Tayio Yuden DVD+R x8.
Could you please see the four results below and let me know
your opinions.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


not bad, all scans within specs. you can upgrade your drive to a 832S with this firmware:

and also reset learnt media with the eeprom util:

Hi chok0 and thanks for the advice, do you think I will better good results with CG5G ?
I am a little afraid to flash the “hacked” firmware, can I return safely to US0Q ?
Also, why do you propose to reset the learnt media ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


you can return to the original firmaware no problem. It is pretty safe. also, when you flash the firmware, each firmware stores media data differently. The learnt media is basically information about laser calibration for a certian manufacturer of media. Each firmware stores this differently.

So basically if I reser the learnt media, I will have to to a few test burns before actually starting to burn the important stuff ?

BTW if you see the scans above, why do all of them start with a peek of PI and gradually decrease ?

Could any one with Taiyo Yuden DVD+R x8 and a similar drive post his test results here
so we can compare them.

Thanks :slight_smile:


True. But you generally do not have to reset the learned media unless you get a very bad burn.

My 812S never managed to do better than average before I switched to other burners. If I had your scans I would still use it for burning. It is very unhappy with -R media so I would stick to +R. Your PIF errors are nice and low.

Also, I second the above. I flashed my 812S all over the place with no problem. Part of the fun of a Liteon is experimenting, and even if you get another 16X burner it still is one of the best scanning drives around.

Hi Chase0039 and thanks for your advice, the question is, if I will flash the 812s with
a patched 832s (don’t remember the version - VS something) and then flash it again
with CG5G, will I get even better results ?

As you can see at the begining there are many PI errors, maybe the drive has a
problem at the start of the burn process ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


The results are within specs but pretty disappointing for a Tayo Yuden if you ask me.

I’ve gotten MUCH BETTER results from my RITEK R02, with PIs not exceeding 15.

Also your individual PIFs below 4 which is within spec, however the total is a bit high, again very disappointing for this type of media… On my RITEKS I never exceed a total of 132 scattered across the media.

Could also be the writer… Try burning the same media on a 1633 you might be surprised. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say as different media performs differently on different drives. Although I never had better results with any hacked firmwares, I was using -R and most of the hacks were optimized for +R so you should give it a try. As TY is now at 40 cents per disc it is worth it to experiment and find a media that works with your firmware/drive combination. There is no downside to repeated flashing that I have ever seen or heard of and if you really screw up and get a bad burn you can reset.

BTW, the one media I had good resolts with on my 812S was Ridata R03, but after about 50 burns it stopped getting along and I now burn the R03 on the BenQ where I get scans that look like TY.

If your question is should you crossflash with stock first and then with crossflash hacked, the answer is no. Unlike the OEM BenQ 1620, you do not crossflash once and then stay with retail firmware and it makes no difference that you crossflash with one and then the other. You will need to always crossflash this drive and always use a hacked firmware that was designed to crossflash. Your drive will always be an 812S with 832S firmware. It is possible to reburn the chip to actually make it an 832S but the hassle is not worth it.

Hi Chase0039 and thank for your reply.

So from what you wrote and from what I saw in here :

I can directly download the CG5G patched , run the exe and flash the drive
(without first flashing it to the VS0G patched and then again to CG5G).

I checked your scan, it is great, our PIF results are quite the same, but the PI
results differ very much, did you also try the CG5G instead of VS0G firmware ?

I live in Israel and it is not easy to find good media here, I bought TY, but it cost me
more then a dollar for each DVD+R which is a lot, I need to find an online store which
sells TY and can ship it here for a reasonable price.

Do you think from your experience that if I cross flash the 812S to 832S (CG5G)
the TY scans will be better ? if so I will do it.

Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:


If this is your first flash read here before you try it. It is not hard, but a mistake can ruin a drive.

You are correct in the codeguys firmware, make sure you use Omnipatcher from their site and enable the box for crossflashing. If it is blanked out then the firmware already has it. I have not used this and I have not burned TY +R. The only way to tell if this will be better is to try it. Burn one with US0Q and then one with CG5G. You can also look more at this thread and see what others have experienced. If it is not better, then go back. My guess is that there won’t be much difference as TY is pretty good to began with. Most hackers are trying to improve lower quality media, but you never know.

This guy had very good results:

Thanks Chase0039 :slight_smile:

I followed the guy steps :

Flash with CG5G FW - recommended tweaks applied, auto-bitsetting enabled and T02 strategy changed to T03

and I will test it and let you know

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Chase0039,

OK I flashed the 812s with CG5G and I did two burns, one at x8 (first picture)and one at x4 (second picture) both using YUDEN T02 DVD+R’s, take a look :

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Chas0039,

Take a look, today I got Fuji x8 DVD+R which are coded YUDEN T02 by TY.
I did a few burns and I found out that it behaves better on x8 burns then on
x4 burns.

The first burn is x4 and the rest are x8

Thanks :slight_smile:


That looks more like TY should look. If I only used my +R I would start burning with my Liteon again…Nah. I’ll stick with my NEC.

Glad it worked for you. Stick with those media and you should continue to get great results. Especially gratifying are the low PIF.

Hi chas0039,

From your signature I can see that you have plenty of options for burning, I have only
the 812s and it does a good job, thanks a million for your great help :slight_smile: