Request Help With Medieval:Total War

Ok. … enough already coasters for the patio!
I bought a Liteon 40125S. Installed the new Adaptec 4.7 ASPI and tried my CloneCD 4.01.10 AND Blindwrite 4.0

Blindwrite reported over 400 read errors so I quit. With CloneCD I tried profiles, etc. No luck…

Gurus, Would appreciate a hint here. THis has gone WAY past just wanting a run-time copy for my game. It’s personal!


:confused: TheBee

Whilst I don’t know what protection this game uses, if you encountered 400 read errors early in the reading process, it’s almost certainly safedisc 2.

If so, you quit too early. Safedisc 2 protected cds generally have 550 to 600 bad sectors which are all contained in the first 10,000 sectors (out of approximately 300,000 or so). After blindread has finished reading the bad sector area normal extraction will resume and it will only take another 2 or 3 minutes to read the rest of the disc. Just be a little more patient.

Assuming that it is safedisc 2 protected, you won’t have any problems making a working back-up with your writer. If using blindwrite burn the image using dao pq or dao pw and do not check enhance weak sectors. If using clonecd, you can just use the default gamecd profile but make sure that you have disabled AWS from the settings sheet for your writer.

Note also that if you want to play the back-up copy from your writer rather than an ordinary cd/dvd rom, you will have to enable clonecd’s hide cd media before doing so.

This is a safedisk2 game but I’m not sure what version. I had quite a time even getting my drives to even look at the original disks. And this is with a Lite-On 40125S as well…

There were lots of read errors (> 400) whether using CloneCD or Blindwrite. I know some other people have gotten this to work.
I just keep remembering that “you don’t learn anything if it works”. :slight_smile: B.

Originally posted by GhostBear
This is a safedisk2 game but I’m not sure what version. I had quite a time even getting my drives to even look at the original disks. And this is with a Lite-On 40125S as well…

Yeah, I have had the same problem. My Mitsumi 480 XATE and SCSI Pioneeer reader will sometimes not even read Alien V Pred. REAL disks. I finally got a NO CD crack and it worked fine. It seems the protection is getting so good you can’t even install the fu*cking software anymore. I bet they spend more money protecting their crappy games than developing them.

I INSTALLED M:TW using the cloned first disk onto another server which has a Read-Only CD. It looks like the program will start with the cloned first disk. However, the server does not have the graphics nor audio to run the game so it bombs BUT there was no error displayed that it could not find the proper CD.
I am going to install a spare Read-only CD in the game machine and run the clone copy from that.
I suspect it is the “hide CD-R media” issue. It it is, I need to find out how to do that outside of CloneCD since that option is defeated for the U.S. installation.

what protection is medieval total war?

i tried reading with safedisc2 and it gave me errors up to 67642? this is disc 1

when i installed, it said some audio file cannot be read. what is the problem?

i tried reading medieval total war to hard drive, i had errors up to 12000 then 1 at 64649. i was burning at 4x too. when i tried installing, it said that there was a copy error of fail6.wav. when i used the original cd to install, it installed fine. why???

sorry for posting so many here, but i burned total war as an iso image, and at fail12.wav (i saw in the installbar) it said that installshield engine needs to close. what is the problem"???

Your image appears to be corrupt. Make a new one.