Request help re SVCD in Nero

I’m a newbie so please forgive my ignorance. I am using Nero version
I have a .avi file, length 734Mb or 75 minutes. I open Nero and click on the create SVCD icon. I then drag the .avi file in and set it working. The decode seems to work perfectly but when the time comes to create the Cd the program states not enough room on the disc. I was using an 80 minute disc which should be enough but have now tried a 90 minute one with the same result.
I notice that when I ask Nero to check the length of the disc it says 703Mb even with the CDR90 in.
can anyone advise how I can create this SVCD or explain why Nero refuses to see the size of the disc correctly.
hope this makes sense. Thanks

Have you tried converting using other software to see the filesize of the resulting decoded file. Maybe Nero is not showing the filesize after it re-encodes to a diff format?

I suggest using TMPGEnc to do the encoding and then see how large the resulting file is.

If its too large you can cut it in half with further software I can suggest.

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It can be found here:

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