Request help in identifying the media code of these DVD+R's


I am looking for Fuji DVD+R’s (for my 812s) which are TY YUDEN T01 or
YUDEN T02 or which are RICOHJPNR01 or RICOHJPNR02 and I came across the next big 100 dvd spindle.

I would appreciate very much if someone who bought this or a similar spindle
(maybe the 50 DVD+R’s), can identify the media code of these DVD+R’s ?

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Afaik TY uses different cakeboxes than this, but you can never be sure… “made in japan” is usually a good indicator :slight_smile:

Hi mrQQ :slight_smile:

I also got today a spindle of Fuji DVD+R x8 with a black cover on it and “made in japan” is written, do you think this might be TY T02 ?

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my black 10 piece spindles of Fuji DVD+R 8X have been TY002. But as I’ve said, they had a different cake box type (check the bottom!)

Hi mrQQ,

I checked the Fuji x8 DVD+R, and it is Tayio Yuden T02.
A few weeks ago I bought real TY media from TY itself, and I compared the burn
results between the Fuji TY and the real TY, and the real TY is a little better.

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what you show is 4X and might not be YUDEN000 T02…most FUJI TY that i’ve seen is 8X.

@ itayda
If those are fuji 4x +R dvd5’s you are inquiring about, then this link says they are RICOHJPNR01. This link is usually pretty reliable and they would show if there were more than one type…but nothing is guaranteed :sad:

RICOHJPNR01 is good media…burns nicely at 8X in my Plex 708UF and 716As. YUDEN000 T02 is still better at 8X though.

Hi All,

I checked the Fuji x8 DVD+R and it is YUDEN T02.
please - you advised me before to search for RICOHJPN01, and I saw that Fuji had
DVD+R with this media code, so I started to look for them and I found Tayio Yuden
instead, which is also fine.

The interesting thing is that when I compared the kprobe scan results of the real
japanese TY T02 that I have with the Fuji, I saw that the Fuji TY has more PI/PIF

I also found out the the Fuji TY T02 burns better at x8 then at x4.

You can see the Fuji scan results here (look earlier in that thread to see the real TY
scan results) :

Hi please,

I just figured out that the link in my last message shows only the last message in the
thread I mentioned, so here is the link to the entire thread :

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@ itayda
Of the 6 scans of the last two posts in the thread you linked, 2 scans of 4x burn and 4 scans of 8x burn speed, I think both your 4x scans are better than any of your 8x scans. PIFs are always lower in average and in ‘max’. PIFs are far more important than PIs. You are getting good-to-very-good results at 8x, but very-good-to-great results from 4x…just my opinion

Thanks please :slight_smile: I appreciate your help and advice, I will continue burning at 4x.