Request for material to be "pinned"

Hello - new to the forum here but have poked around it a bit. Very nice indeed.

I wonder - since this is the newbie section, and there seem to be a lot of us out here with general questions about CD/DVD technology and how to do this or what does that mean, would it not be a neat thing to ask some of the more expert folks (admins, perhaps) to “pin” up a few resrouces/guides for us to read up on? I mean, many questions seem to get repeated and appear to be on very basic procedural matters.

I’ll use myself for an example. Assume, for the moment, I really don’t want to bother folks with a raft of questions. And, suppose I don’t know the first thing about, say, DVD writing. Where do I go/what link to I follow to find out for myself. Suppose I want to find out about DVD+ vs. DVD- vs. DVD+/- and the differences between them. Maybe I’d like to find out generally about how each differs. Where do I go/what link can I follow to find out for myself? In this discipline, there seem to be many concepts (images, ISOs, encoding, decoding, .avi/.wma/.mov and so forth handling) that unless you know something about them, you’re going to have difficulty. There’s got to be a website or two out there containing this basic information. It would be real nice to have that pinned here as well so that it could be referred to not only by the curious but also by those who are tasked with answering basic questions for the rest of us.

When you look at what was done for, say, slipstreaming the XP Service Pack, it’s clear and unmistakeable procedure. What I’m suggesting is just such a tutorial, if you will, for the uninitiated like myself, who haven’t a clue where to start and who have literally no information except that provided by the maker of the equipment (notororiously lacking in most cases).

What do people think of this approach? If I was an admin or expert, I’d surely love to have this collection at the ready to point people in the right direction - just by hot-linking them to it in my response just like is done when someone fluffs and needs to be shown the “rules” here on the forum.

OK, let’s see if this has any chance…