Request for Elitebytes Development



Today I purchased my MaxVeloSSD license. Attempting to install it made me raging mad. The product itself works fine but the installer needs more work.

Installing the latest version -after uninstalling the trial version- resulted in the familiar “Could not install driver” or something similar.

Developers, please see to it that the installer has enough permission to overwrite the locked registry keys from any previous version.

I understand that you must keep certain keys to prevent piracy and to prevent re-activating the trial period. But this also prevents users from re-installing or upgrading. You could solve this dilemma by first asking for the license key, before the actuall install begins. If it validates via the internet, the installer can safely remove the locked anti-piracy keys.

It’s working now, since I removed the locks myself. This finally enabled me to install and authenticate my legally purchased license via the internet. Other users might not be in a position to do this.

Thank you for your attention and thank your for your really great product.