Request for comments on Pioneer DVR-A09XLB Drive

Dear All,

I’m planning to purchase an A09XLB as an addition to my existing BenQ 1620. I’m so taken with it’s advertised speeds, supported formats and it’s looks :wink: and I have read the reviews already. Would very much appreciate if some of you could comment on it’s writing quality, etc… Any strong recommendations of Plex 716A or any other drive against A09XLB? (except the ones mentioned below)

BenQ 1620 Pro / LG 4163: Own them and are very good drives
Liteon: Bad rep
Asus, Nutech, 4KUS: Never used, don’t know anyone who has used

Btw, will not be doing any scans using this drive because my other drive is DW 1620 Pro.

(I did a search already in the forum however couldn’t find much relevant info. If I had missed any, please do let me know).

Many thanks everyone. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The 109 still does not handle 16x media that well - hopefully new firmware will improve this.

With no riplock, the 109XL is a fast ripper -it’s ~ 7.00 mins quicker than my other dvd burners for DL pressed media.

I purchased the drive yesterday and today the price drops about 10 USD :(.

Rambaud, thanks a lot for your reply. Hoping to post some scans soon… :slight_smile: