Request for CloneDVD


I was wondering if it wasnt possible that there was a select all or deselect all button could be added. I find it that I deselect more then I select. Most people I think would deselect most of the chapters and only have the movie with menus. This usually is the very first chapter to select, we then use more time to deselect the rest of the dvd.

just a little request to a great product.


Did you ever try Copy DVD titles instead of Clone DVD option? :wink:


No, I will now. Does this function save the menu too? That´s what I would like to be able to do. Include the menus and only the main movie.

thanks for the reply

Sure. :iagree: The only difference is that using “Copy DVD titles”
CloneDVD does NOT include menus by default (it selects only the main movie), but of course you can select anything you want, including the menus. :wink:


Thanks for the fast reply, I will give it a try :iagree: