Request for best burner sticky thread

Is there some way that we could have a sticky post in this forum that would be a current listing of the best burner hardware? Every time one of my burners dies, I end up having to spend hours looking through forums trying to find current listings of the best drives.

If I just search for “best burner” I get posts from back in 2004, 2005, 2006… those were great posts and I used them five, four, and three years ago when I bought the best burners at that time.

You all know it’s not always the latest version of a trusted brand that is best. I recall reading in one post a few months ago, that the Pioneer 116 wasn’t as good as the Pioneer 115. Just when I was about to buy a 115, I gave my DVD burner another try and it burned several disks without a coaster, so I abandoned my purchase. Well, now the 115 is not available from newegg anymore and my burner is making only coasters. I’ve spent more than an hour searching for a recent “best burner” post and have only found one that only included one person’s opinion.

There’s a forum for digital TV converter boxes where they have a poll in which they ask members to vote on the best and worst hardware. The moderator keeps a sticky post up-to-date with the latest results.

Couldn’t we have something like that here? Ideally, older models would fall off the list, or maybe the list could be sorted in terms of the introduction date of the drive, that way, the older drives would be at the bottom of the list and folks interested in purchasing a drive would start from the top, buying the one nearest the top with the most positive votes. is the best source of CD and DVD information and the only place I trust for users’ opinions on CD/DVD hardware, software, and disks. This is where I learned of Mitsui and Taiyo Yuden disks and I’ve never been disappointed with my media since then. I want to thank all of you for making this forum the best of it’s kind on the Internet.


It’s here: :slight_smile:

Thanks. That’s exactly what I was looking for, however some of the info is already old. For example, the highest ranked drive, the Pioneer 115/215 is no longer available from newegg.

I recall that there was a thread that indicated the 116 was not as good as the 115. Newegg now has the 116 and 117, as well as 216, I think. Also, they have a new line, which is far more expensive (around $40 rather than the mid $20’s like the 116, Samsungs, and Optiarcs).

I would like to get a good Pioneer, but because the best one is no longer available, I’ll have to go for a Samsung or Optiarc. Maybe this poll needs to be done every 6 months?

Thanks again.

ok…here’s some news for you guys…mashita…admit that the dvd burner unit thats supplied in the toshiba equium machine…is NOT VISTA compatible…and there fore…according to toshiba them selves…anyone with a machine with that drive…has been mis-sold a product…and you can take it back and claim an up-grade…(you are covered for 6 years under the legal aspect of it)…they have knowingly sold units that are not fit for what they provide them for…say hi to a free up-grade guys :p…ceck the mashita site…and even phone toshiba…they have a full disclosure policy and have to tell you :smiley:

[QUOTE=korz;2253466]Thanks. That’s exactly what I was looking for[/QUOTE]

How is that possible? The link he posted shows what everybody’s favorite burner is, you on the other hand, just like me, wanted to know which one is best, those are two different things. :rolleyes:

You could have a $100 burner that beats every DVD writer out there, yet it won’t everyone’s favorite because of the price. I can come up with tons of other reasons why a “favorites list” is useless to figure out which burner is best.

It’s like asking here what everybody’s favorite OS is. Most people will say Windows, does that mean Windows is better than OS X?