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I’m looking at this deal on Taiyo-Yuden DVD-R media:

Anyone have feedback on this retailer? I’m looking specifically for 4X media as that is my burner’s limit. does not seem to offer 4X media, but I found through a google search.

In general, can retailers be trusted to advertise the type of media they are selling truthfully?



This is pretty good “value” media. I have some myself. It scans better than some of the brand name stuff I’ve come across. You really can’t go wrong with TY media.
As far as Meritline is concerned, I haven’t had any problems with them. :slight_smile:


If after you read the first 30 or so posts from past Meritline customers here: - you want to continue to purchase from them - then go ahead - but consider yourself “Forewarned”-

Or - you can look here: - and find a similar deal with an outfit with like 110% better ratings for the same media-


My bad :o eyes saw Meritline, brain “saw” Supermediastore. Like Mike said, get the same media from Supermediastore ( That’s where I got mine). Their customer service has been excellent for me. When I had problems with the Verbatim rebate fiasco, they called the idiots at to straighten things out and called me back to confirm it with me. :bigsmile:

I recently bought a spindle of 100 4x dvd-r TY’s from them with no problems!!!
I bought from them many times before and so far so good!!!

I have been waiting 49 days for my order and I live in Tenn. Slow on email also. Never again.


Most informed people do not want to play “Customer Russian Roulette” with Meritline-

I firmly believe that they get their customers from folks who do not check up on them - which is a pitty 'cause there are other vendors out there like Rima and SuperMediaStore that will give much better service (and media) IMO-


When they are good, they’re very very good. And when they are bad they are horrid.

Meritline screwed up my order and blamed the screwup on me.
They shipped my order to the wrong address saying that I had asked to ship my order to someone I didn’t even know. It wasn’t even in the same state!
Then after a month of “We will get back to you in 3 days, please be patient…” I called my credit card company to dispute the charge.

so far I haven’t had any problems with meritline!!!

I ordered from Meritline several times, always been fine. The media quality has been what I expected. However, just received an order a couple weeks ago and the box was missing a couple of Ink Carts I paid for. Been about 2 weeks of emailing back and forth with no result. We are talking about $5 here. I’ll probably try rima or supermediastore next time.

Yo swifty7-

Have you ever read the posts from past customers on ?

If so - it looks like a person has about a 3 in 4 chance of getting less than good service/product from Meritline-

I - like you - have bought from Meritline on several occasions without any problems - and I consider myself lucky after reading the posts noted above - and after having discovering much more reliable vendors in Rima, Newegg, Amazon and SuperMediaStore for my online media needs - do not have to take a chance with something going wrong like so many others have with Meritline-

You - ofcourse - can make your own purchasing decisions-


yo Bigmike-

I’m not trying to force anybody to purchase from them, I’m only stating my opinion. Rima, Supermediastore might be better online vendors but Meritline has been good to me so far.

<===== Keeps his fingers crossed.

I never had a problem with meritline. I rarely order from them anymore but thats because I don’t buy media online that much.

The way i look at it is if I ever get one problem from them then that would be my last order.

Given people’s hit and miss experiences with meritline and the fact that they tend to have more issues with defective media, I won’t touch them. I had formed this opinion several months before I found reseller ratings. Now I won’t touch them with a 10 foot pole. Less than 3 out of 10 for the last six months? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that those ARE NOT good odds. That and when Supermediastore and Rima are competitively priced, then why even bother taking the gamble with meritline?

Occasionally has good prices on media, but I’ve never ordered media from them. They have excelent prices on slim DVD cases, and the free shipping is a bonus :smiley:


Thank you for shopping with We are sorry to inform you that
your order is currently on back order. The estimate time for shipping your
order is in 2 to 3 days.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience and

Customer Support

Funny, the site made no mention of being out of stock.


Yo JD-

Got the same “Dear John”

Hope that this isn’t the start of the stringing along that Meritline is SO famous (infamous) for-

If you know what I mean Vern??


Ut oh! Vern! V-E-R-N! Not to touch books! They don’t have a GREAT deal of time with me before I jerk the money back from them. I sure wish I could do business that way! Pay me today, and I’ll go ahead adn put in a purchase order for the product tomorrow. You’ll just get it when you get it. There have been a NUMBER of computer places that have done that in the past on things like CPU’s and memory KNOWING there was a major price-shift comming down the line. I strongly boubt that that’s the case here, but real bad form none-the-less.