Request DL Recomendation for Dell C810 Laptop

Dear People,

I have just purchased a Dell Latitude C810 Laptop with a Samsung CD-Master 24E Model SN-124 CD-ROM drive in the “fixed bay” and I’m looking replace this with a DVD Dual Layer Burner.

I would very much appreciate suggestions as to which Dual Layer DVD burner I should purchase to replace my current SN-124.

This post was prompted by an opportunity to purchase an LG GMA-4080 Super Multi 8X Dual Layer drive for $150 Australian. I’m not certain whether this drive will function however, it’s capabilities look suitable for my needs and the price seems reasonable.

Can anybody say with certainty whether this particular DL Drive will function in my Latitude C810 ? This laptop is practically the same as an Inspiron 8100.

I would also be very pleased to hear from other Dell Laptop owners with Dual Layer drives in their “fixed bays”, particularly C810, 8100 owners.

I would be most happy to report my finding back to this forum.

Cheers and thanks for your consideration!