REQUEST(Dee): Fujifilm003 burning at x12

I’m burning these media x12 with Pio 108(got Nils’ modified bios but even stock F/W will burn them x12).
NEC 3520 only offers x8. Would it be possible for you, Madame, emprove write speed on these media?

This was tried many times before, but this media failed to burn with quality at 12X on NEC ND-3500 drive. Perhaps the 3520 could burn them better, but i have my doubts about that. :slight_smile:

Dee, I’ve search the forum for the 1.U5 firmware for the 3520 and found that the link is broken. Is there any way I can get it? Thanks a lot

Fuji03 with the stock firmware are really great but with the modded firmware they are a bit poor for some reason.