REQ: Support Dereferencing SymLinks

Dereferencing symbolic links is a feature that xcdroast/mkisofs support. I use this frequently to build custom software installation discs for my company.

Any chance that NeroLinux will add this feature? Otherwise I’ll just keep using xcdroast…

Although NeroLINUX doesn’t currently support dereferencing symbolic links this is also not something you necessarily need to create custom file-system layouts on disc.

Using mkisofs, if you want to create a directory layout on the disc that is different to that on a hard-disk you’d create a symbolic link tree in some dedicated directory.

Using NeroLINUX, however, you can easily create a project file, containing the layout of the disc you intend to create and re-use the project file whenever you want to create a new incarnation of your disc (Use the NeroLINUX project Loading/Saving functionality).

Burning symbolic links as they are can be a significant feature when it comes to advanced file-system authoring.

Thanks for getting back to me on this. I do agree that burning preserved symlinks is a great feature to save space on a disc, the opposite is also true from my perspective.

So can I expect to see this added in the near future or is this a moot point?