REQ: Moderation changes

We would like to implement the following feature; the maximum number of moderations is 5. After that no-one will be able to moderate reactions again. This way the people who don’t want to moderate will not be bugged for every reaction (at least when the number of 5 moderations had been reached)

Can you fix this asap PHP?
We will see if this works…

I have a suggestion since we’re on the subject. Since alot of people don’t like the moderate dropdown-menus (and I agree that it does ruin a little, especially when there’s alot of reactions), could it be possible to replace the dropdown with a text-link that popups a “moderate” window, where the user can select from -2 to +2.
Just a thought :slight_smile:

After 5 people have moderated a reaction, the drop down menu should go away with this new setup. For us this is the first try to get a better working solution and for now this seems to be the easiest and most non drastic solution.

I welcome change, after visiting here for a few years I like the change to what it is now. Something refreshing.

But like most people are commenting on that rating system for posts, I too have a comment.

Instead of going by a rating, allow users to BLOCK certain usernames of their choice. Any posts put up by these users are no longer readable to that individual. Put a small icon by the usernames in posts or preferences menu which would pop up a window asking to have that user put into a BLOCKed User List.

This acheives the same effect as with the moderation menu/level but with less clutter on the postings. I for one am not going to select a level for every single CD Feaks visitor. If I dont like what a user says in posts all the time, simply block him and never see a thread he posts ever again.

I know you guyz worked hard on this layout and what Im asking may seem harder to implement then just talkiong about it, but that menu is sooo annoying and ugly.

Other than that I like the layout.

reminds me of slashdot.