REQ: Login / Search

First off all congratulations with the new and improved site. It’s 100 times better i think.

When I want to react on an news-item I’ve to login first.
This isn’t the problem, but when I am logged in, the page won’t refresh. Couldn’t you guys make it when the popup closes the mainpage will refresh?
I don’t know if this is possible, but it will be better for the ‘newbies’ who still think they can’t react.

Further I didn’t encounter any bugs.
Well, 1 small detail.
On the mainpage you can search in news, articles forum etc.
But when I want to search in the forum I get an message with: Type your query here or something like that.

Why don’t open an new window the forum’s search?
I know it’s a lot of work to integrate the search from the forum into the mainpage but it’s a suggestion.

BTW: Sorry for my bad english, don’t me mad at me Domi…