Req: how to speed ripping on LDW-811S?



I’ve taken the HS0R firmware for the LDW-811S and used DVD Identifier and MediaCodeSpeedEdit to replace the LD -R with Teon branded CMC 8X -r media (Staples discount media, maybe OfficeMax, I don’t remember now) then used OmniPatcher’s recommended tweaks button (2-13 version) and flashed the result to an LDW-811S.

So far, so good.

Writing seemed ok but would show read errors near the end of the verification.

Ripping was around 1.4-1.5 speed. Bleech!!! How can the ripping speed be increased? Is there a different, manually-patched firmware I should start with?


sometimes my 811 reeds [rips] slower than normal mostly is the DMA not on sometimes windows set it back too pio :confused: :a
i check it with Nero info tool and set it back and everything works again :smiley:


Well, that seems to have been the case.

Don’t know how it happened. Maybe Windoze was being “helpful” during a reboot.

Bet this makes those 8X burns a lot more stable :iagree:


you can speed up reading speed with OmniPatcher…


I remember reading somehwhere that if Windows Roms fail after so many times it will change the DMA or PIO settings without telling you. Another thing I would check that the BIOS settings are correct.

I found my 411@811 now, would write cd’s but not dvd’s until I did the firmware update, changed bios settings from cd-rom to auto, and uninstalling & reinstalling the cd drives as well as the ide buss masters.


see Workaround section