REQ: Help with ENABLING CopyProtection

Hello CD Freaks Community:

It is not my intention to “ruffle” any feathers here, but I have a small dilemma which I’m hoping that some user(s) here would have a very creative, and novel idea of addressing.

It has always been my opinion that information should be made available for free or for minimal cost. The best ones usually are.

Hence, I’ve put together a little “information” type CD which is full of really good advice, opinions, and commentary from yours truly that I wish to sell on the open market.

Now before I get your brows in a cringe, my plan is to “sell” this particular CD for $1.00 USD. It is not my objective to profit, but mainly to defray the cost of the media primarily and the use of the equipment which would need to be replaced at some later time due to heavy use. As I had said in the beginning, I believe informaiton should be for free or absolute minimal cost. The main purpose is to disseminate what I’ve learned to help others who are not as fortunate as having broadband access, or are simply computer ignorant. This would enable the interested party to obtain/learn some basic tools so that will assist them in their future endeavors in computing.

Now, I am fully aware that there are many users that do know a few things about CDRs and burning technology, and so forth that may actually scoff at my idea. However, please don’t let this thread turn into a debate about the right/wrong of such ideas. That would be off topic. I am simply being honest about what I intend my application for, and it’s main objective is to share with those that just do not know at this point.

Hence the main point of this thread is as follows. Although the price of such application is quite reasonable ($1), I’m concerned with some of my distribution channels that may see “free opportunity” in my endeavor, and may simply buy one of mine, re-copy it, and then sell it for a higher price. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT what I want. Now, the issue becomes a matter of profit, and not for sharing.

I wish to employ a fairly easy, medium secure method to prevent copying of my application. I don’t need ultra high copy protection, as the information is not DoD type secret material. It is my objective to enable a method that is fairly easy to implement, yet would deter the “casual” copier. Obviously, nothing is “copy-proof”, as I recognize what forum I’m posting this message in. However, with that understood, there must be a fairly “lower-tech” method which would suit my needs. Again, the objective here is to DETER the CASUAL copier. Anything more advanced, may not justify the efforts.

Your opinions/comments/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.


Google for TZ Copy Protection.